Flour Distribution Capabilities
 Interflour cares for the big Customers’ distribution in bulk and as well as the small Customers.

"We cater for all business purposes and needs through our extensive transportation system ranging from personal deliveries to bulk container deliveries. This is made possible with our wide location coverage throughout Asia".
In Indonesia, in our effort to improve our delivery capability, we have set up multi-points of distribution which is scattered around Java and to ensure on-time and fresh product delivery. Additionally, we have our own vessels to handle the deliveries to some remote areas within East Indonesia and to serve our Customers directly.
At Vietnam, our mill is located in South Vietnam on the Interflour Cai Mep Port - Thi Vai River, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. It is situated on the port facility and hence, allows it to enjoy lower transfer cost from the ship to the mill. We are the only flour mill in Vietnam with our own deep-water port facility which is capable of very rapid discharge of up to Panamax-sized vessels. With the  advantage of our location, we are capable of supplying flour throughout the nation by trucks, container vessels, barges and even by motorbikes. We also export flour to Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines and Maldives.

Over in Malaysia, we are located in Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and in Sabah. There are four (4) well spread mills and our strategic locations place us closer to our markets and our Customers. Our flour Freight Management and Inter Toll-milling arrangements provide us the competitive edge and cost benefits and in which we share with our Customers.
At Peninsular Malaysia, our distribution network is fully supported with strategic warehouses and business partners to distribute our range of products to the market. We are committed to satisfy our customers' orders through just-in-time delivery. We have a fleet of dedicated stainless steel bulk tankers to fulfil our Institutional Customers' requirements.
In the East Coast of Malaysia, we maintain strong collaboration with dedicated local distributors to reach out to all end users with an integrated transportation services through trucks,  lorries, vans, vessels including boats to reach the rural areas such as Kapit and Marudi in Sarawak.
Over in Sabah, the flour distributions are mainly transported by roads where we reach our Customers in Kota Kinabalu, Tawau, Sandakan and our home-grown, Lahad Datu. Besides the domestic markets, we continue to expand our business in the Philippines and Brunei.